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We’re Adactive Asia, a Singapore-based Software Development company. We create and develop beautiful applications that are engaging, interactive, and user-friendly for all your user's journey. From mobile apps to websites via wayfinding interactive kiosk and digital signages, we cover a large scope of products, all developed in Singapore.


Software Products and Features

We are a provider of immersive Digital Information solutions specializing in 3D map information and multimedia systems such as digital signages, shopping mall kiosks, digital directories, media walls, LED wall displays, videowalls and webpages for different industries such as retail malls, commercial buildings and many others.

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Cloud Solution Based

OmniChannel Wayfinding

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Omni Channel CMS 


3D/2D Map Design

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Analytics and Loyalty Programs

Mobile and Website Design



in 2011, we have operated in many countries throughout South East Asia as well as in Europe under the brand Adactive. We have now establish a physical presence in Malaysia (2021) as well as numerous projects overseas such as Australia, Hongkong and Thailand. 


Hardware Products and Features
We also supply and install digital screens such as videowall, LED wall displays, interactive digital screens, facial recognition, speakers, wireless projection and projection mapping solutions.

Digital signage, videowalls, LED displays, wayfinding, signage

Our Clients

we have maintain a wonderful working relationship with our clients from various sectors. We believe in provide responsive service and fair pricing. 

Adactive Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore Office) Adactive Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia Office)

digital signage for retail malls, commerical buildings, videowalls, LED displays to supply and install